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Frank hosts The Today Show's Who Knew Quiz for Saint Patrick's Day


The Economist profiles Frank and his Re:Joyce podcast project, calling him a "literary detective" and an "unabashed populariser" of Joyce's Ulysses.


Scott Simon and Frank talk about the storytelling tradition of Ireland


Frank picks his five best books about Ireland


Diane and Frank talk about romance, Valentines Day and The Matchmaker of Kenmare


Frank answers 21 Questions about living in New York and more...


The New Yorker suggests that Frank can tell us what all the Bloomsday fuss is about in his Re:Joyce podcast project, profiled here...


Scott Simon and Frank talk about Re:Joyce, Frank's weekly podcast project deconstructing Ulysses in free five minute episodes


Frank is interviewed by Lynne Nolan for the Dublin Writers Festival.


Frank Delaney re-visits the work of Eric Ravilious.


The Matchmaker of Kenmare Reviews

Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show Reviews

Shannon Reviews


Articles by Frank Delaney

Tipperary Reviews

Simple Courage Reviews

Ireland Reviews

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Re:Joyce passes 2 million downloads

Re:Joyce stats so far:

  • Over 2 Million Downloads
  • 300+ Episodes
  • 100 Hours of material
  • 8,688 Downloads per week
  • 1,300 Downloads per day
  • 10+ years Estimated time the project will run
  • 0 Kardashians in sight

Public Domain Review

The Public Domain Review (a fresh, classic and polished on-line portal into the rich, lush world of content in the public domain) commissioned Frank to write about his beloved James Joyce (in time for Bloomsday); Beatrix Potter, on whom Frank had done a delightful and affectionate BBC documentary some years ago; and the marvelous English artist, Eric Ravilious. We've gathered them here for you:

Frank illuminates the visual nature of James Joyce's prose and suggests the value in making a conscious effort to see the words on the page, rather than merely to read them. Seeing Joyce

In this edition Frank's delightful piece on BP, enhanced it with the most charming photographs and illustrations. On Beatrix Potter

Time and Place: Eric Ravilious. Frank suggests that the watercolors and woodcuts of Eric Ravilious captured not only the time and topography of the country, but the personality of England between-the-wars. Eric Ravilious

Delaney's Work

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