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Frank Delaney has earned top prizes and best-seller status in a wide variety of formats. He has been the president of the Samuel Johnson Society, president of the UK Book Trust, the director of the Folio Debates and Literary Director of the famed Edinburgh Festival.

You may find most of Frank's book on Amazon and of course be sure to find him on Goodreads as well.


Frank's first book, James Joyce's Odyssey became a runaway best seller. From its introduction one senses a sure hand, a unique voice and a delight in the acts of writing, reading and thinking about the written word. Delaney's lively yet thoughtful prose continues to encourage the reader to explore journeys, real and historical, mythical and fantastic - from monks and Celtic kings to Boswell and Johnson stopping at a roadside inn. His book about an extraordinary sea captain, Simple Courage, was named in the top ten books of the year by the American Library Association

Works of Non-Fiction

James Joyce's Odyssey
Betjeman Country
The Celts
A Walk in the Dark Ages
The Legends of The Celts
A Walk to the Western Isles-After Boswell and Johnson


From his earliest novella, Frank's fiction output has followed at the rate of a novel almost every year. Ireland, his first important work to be published in America, is still in print and active circulation, and his Irish series for Random House,tracesthe history of his land through the ages. Frank's following is large, dedicated and passionate, as reflected by his reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and his following on Twitter and Facebook.

Telling the Pictures, published nearly twenty years ago, is about to be made into a major motion picture, due for filming in 2017.

Works of Fiction

My Dark Rosaleen (novella)
The Sins of the Mothers
Telling the Pictures
A Stranger in their Midst
The Amethysts
Desire and Pursuit
At Ruby's
Jim Hawkins and the Curse of Treasure Island (under the name Francis Bryan)
Ireland, a Novel
Simple Courage
Venetia Kelly's Travelling Show
The Matchmaker of Kenmare
The Last Storyteller


Whether gathering examples of word derivations, folk songs about plagues, the relationship of the visual arts with literature, or delving into the work of an artist, his broadcasting career presaged the work in print. He is a collector in the best meaning of the word: a connoisseur who shares his treasures for the delight of all.


Silver Apples, Golden Apples; Best Loved Irish Verse
The Folio Society/Hutchinson Book of Essays
The Folio Book of Irish Short Stories
The Poems of Christy Brown
The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope
Short Stories from the Strand
The Novels of James Kennaway
The Go-Between by L.P. Hartley
Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson
Caitriona by Robert Louis Stevenson


For a writer with as sure a hand at dialogue and as true an ear for drama, inflection and personality, screenplays are a natural expansion of the craft of writing. Frank's first produced work, the screenplay for Goodbye Mr. Chips (ITV and Masterpiece Theater) earned raves on both sides of the Atlantic. Scarcely a single review for the highly regarded drama failed to mention and praise the work of the writer. Telling the Pictures is scheduled to begin filming in 2017.

Screenplays by Delaney

Goodbye, Mr. Chips (from the James Hilton Book)
Telling the Pictures (from his own book of the same name)
Across the River and Into the Trees(from the Hemingway novella)


Frank's broadcast career has been as varied as his writing. An anchor for national news; a correspondent for the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland for the BBC; the host of Omnibus and the Today Show, the creator and presenter of numerous documentaries covering subjects as far reaching as Matisse, Mailer and Prostitution.

Frank created the now famous six part series: The Celts, his BBC talk shows: The Frank Delaney Show, Monday Morning with Frank Delaney; and his highly acclaimed Skye/Fox-International TV program on writers and writing - The Book Show.


Judged as one of the most revered voices in all of Great Britain, Frank's presence on the radio also includes a wide span of disciplines; from news correspondent during bombings and raids to becoming what one critic referred to as 'The BBC's Man of Letters and Culture'.

Many of the programs he created for BBC Radio4 were award-winning and remain among the top rated radio series of all time.

They include: Bookshelf; Say the Word; and his beloved show about language (still on the air on the BBC), Word of Mouth, among others.

Re:Joyce passes 2 million downloads

Re:Joyce stats so far:

  • Over 2 Million Downloads
  • 300+ Episodes
  • 100 Hours of material
  • 8,688 Downloads per week
  • 1,300 Downloads per day
  • 10+ years Estimated time the project will run
  • 0 Kardashians in sight

Public Domain Review

The Public Domain Review (a fresh, classic and polished on-line portal into the rich, lush world of content in the public domain) commissioned Frank to write about his beloved James Joyce (in time for Bloomsday); Beatrix Potter, on whom Frank had done a delightful and affectionate BBC documentary some years ago; and the marvelous English artist, Eric Ravilious. We've gathered them here for you:

Frank illuminates the visual nature of James Joyce's prose and suggests the value in making a conscious effort to see the words on the page, rather than merely to read them. Seeing Joyce

In this edition Frank's delightful piece on BP, enhanced it with the most charming photographs and illustrations. On Beatrix Potter

Time and Place: Eric Ravilious. Frank suggests that the watercolors and woodcuts of Eric Ravilious captured not only the time and topography of the country, but the personality of England between-the-wars. Eric Ravilious

Delaney's Work

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